Material Good is an inviting space housing the rarest objects and desires of a life well-lived. Here, the most exclusive of timepieces, jewelry, art, and accessories can be contemplated, studied, and acquired in the warmth and comfort of an expressive new loft, where customers are welcomed guests, and design is not an exhibition — it’s an experience.

Rare details in an intimate space

A rotating selection of special items are thoughtfully curated in a progression of luxe and inviting spaces, where guests are invited to drop in on a whim and take pleasure in the details, enjoying an experience as uniquely personal and sublime as the pieces we carry.


Timepieces by Audemars Piguet and Richard Mille. Vintage jewelry by Fred Leighton. Fine jewelry by Anita Ko, Hoorsenbuhs, Jemma Wynne, Spinelli Kilcollin.


A carefully considered selection of exquisite vintage timepieces, rare and classic, from the most coveted brands offer both first-time and elite collectors alike the opportunity to discover a uniquely wearable object of history.


Timeless diamonds, precious gems, and the finest of metals are expertly crafted to create luxury fashion jewelry and custom bridal pieces that are each as memorable and remarkable as the wearer.